Differences between the programs in Nicaragua, Panama, and Dominican Republic


Well, not much difference at all re the GMT programs...esp. re the
clinics / med-dent. They are structured the same everywhere we go.
  The differences are of the countries and their different
presentations, sub-cultures and histories...eg the Pana Canal; DR a
fair sized mountainous Carib Island shared w Haiti; historically
tragic Nica the poorest country of the 3 with size and great variety
coast to coast and with huge untapped potential [pretty much true for
each of these countries to varying degrees].
  There is so much more to delineate the differences, but rather than
detail the many country differences do a G-search and read a bit about
them. They are all beautiful, have wonderful & grateful citizens [to
us] and my favorite is always the one I happen to be in at the time. I
love all of them. You will, also, regardless which you choose.
  We will soon have a section on each country on our new website...to
be developed by our staff in each.

Wil Johnson, M.D.