GMT requirements for trip applicants


We strive for diversity. Our trips are most ideally suited for medical, pre-medical, pre-dental students, but welcome all trip-interested people. We do not require applicants to posses any specific academic achievements, majors, experience, or backgrounds. Ability to speak Spanish is an asset, but not a requirement. We always provide interpreters.

 Most of our applicants do have a strong focus on healthcare and a service attitude, but we have had many trippers with multiple other majors / areas of interest. There are no arbitrary age limitations, however, we expect applicants to be mature and responsible individuals. Those with physical limitations are invited and do come with us, but it is best to discuss this with us when applying. We will try to help those who are well qualified, but may have trouble with the trip costs. If so, please e-mail us with some brief explanation.


Wil Johnson MD