GMT as Ambassadors to the World


I know that you are a very special group of young people. You are self-selected to do this type of international service trip with GMT.  I will assume that you are amongst the 10%ers of our society. I will, also, assume that you are gifted (each in your own way); open-minded / curious; educated; insightful; service oriented; healer-type; probably empathetic; and highly motivated with ideals, principles, and lofty goals. Don’t laugh, I’m serious. I do expect you to live up to these expectations on this trip…And I am certain that you will.

 On this trip, you are amongst the best of our Ambassadors To The World. You represent the best that our nation has to offer to the world. Remember this during the trip. Citizens there will form lasting impressions about our country by your actions. Our national image has suffered greatly, again, these past eight years. Many citizens of the world have again lost more respect for our government. However, please be reassured that for the most part they do appreciate the people from N.A. Even above / beyond the $$ we send, give, spend there.

This is your chance to allow them to learn about us, in a good way, as you learn from / about them.

Wil Johnson, MD  2008

I would have to say, most memorable patient was 80+ old women who some of us visited on a home visit. She had broken her femor and was unable to move from her small bed. When asked how she was feeling by Dr. Jimenez, her response was simply "I'm ok". To see someone in that much pain, unable to move, and still have such faith, strength and happiness was a life changing experience for me.- Paola Reveco, 2nd year medical student, Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine