My dental experience in GMT Nicaragua



            GMT Nicaragua offers unforgettable learning and cultural experience for students seeking to become dentists. The coordinators and doctors guided each and every one of us from the day we arrived at the airport until the very end.

            The clinics provide us with a range of pragmatic dental experience, from basic cleaning and doing temps to doing fillings and composites for cavities. In addition to learning common

            Every single clinic day offers a unique experience with different patients and cases at different settings and environments. As a result, I learned to provide the best service and treatment for each patient under difficult conditions with limited supplies in some facilities or other unexpected events. The most unfortunate aspect about the trip was the lack of power at some places we worked at, preventing us from using some of the equipment. Hence, we could not proceed with treatments like composites for severe cavities we encountered.

            Being a highly independent person myself, throughout the four clinic days, I learned to work as a team, assisting one another with a single goal in mind: to educate and provide the best dental hygiene for these underprivileged people. I learned not only the beauty of helping the disadvantaged, but also, the significance of appreciating and taking advantage of my educational background and language skills to the greatest extents.

            It amazed me how every single patient showed sincere appreciation for what we did, even the children who at first were uneasy and refused to get treated. This experience undoubtedly helped formulate and mold goals for my future career and life. Our dental team coordinator, Dr. Karen, played a significant role in maximizing this experience. She demonstrated what it takes to be a good dentist, mentor, person, and friend. She was extremely patient, and guided us throughout the entire trip and showed appropriate skills as well as essential qualities to become a good dentist. Her teaching has truly penetrated my heart and has become an invaluable asset to me through hands-on experience.

            I realized throughout and towards the end of the trip not only the importance of helping others, but also the privilege of being able to do so. GMT touches you as a student, as a doctor, and most importantly, as a person.

 -Shin Young (Sarah) Ahn



“An older woman said that when the students touched her to examine her neck, back, and lungs our hands felt like the hands of angels. This one incident made me realize how big of a difference we were making.”- Anmol Patel, Sophomore, University of Florida