Careers in international medicine


 For an excellent beginning for this career pathway, I would reccomend going for a combined MD/MPH degree...yes, I think Public Health studies should be integral to your background and credentials [although perhaps not 'crucial']...ideally. You can then build upon this foundation with well chosen post doc training in a Residency and then Fellowship(s) in International Medicine and Relationships.

If you are well credentialed eg above, there will be organizations looking for your kind and for policy making important paid positions and/or working out 'in the field'...both in N America and abroad. You could treat and teach or move into administrative / policy involved...or combinations of each. Also, teaching and treating on staff at Med Schools...full or part time. Lots of choices. Some schools offer undergrad courses in International Medicine or related.

 Many students have added this aspect to their careers after doing GMT trip(s).

Finally, or first off, talk to GABY M ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )  and THAO BUI ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )  ...they are both passionate about international medicine; Gaby is going for an MD/MPH presently at UTX-SA Med School and then into International Med and USA Med.
Thao is going for her MPH first in NYC then to Med School...spent last summer in Ethiopia gathering research data for her thesis. Both have been  4x GMT trippers at UTX undergrad; came on the first GMT trip in Nicaragua; created the first Student Campus GMT Org anywhere...a model Org.; and now Gaby is our GMT Student Advisor in our Central Office [CO]. Thao is part time GMT volunteer in CO and after getting her MPH will be our GMT Student Advisor in Public Health.

- Wil Johnson, M.D.


Hi Lina! So glad you're excited and motivated to pursue a career in international health/medicine. I'm also doing a Global Health concentration in my Masters program in Public Health ( There are many public health programs where you can focus on global health. As Dr. Wil mentioned, after med school there are residency programs, such as Family Medicine and Internal Medicine, with an emphasis on global health/international medicine. You can also get a diploma in international medicine offered by various organizations. For example, the Institute of International Medicine offers an intensive course in international medicine ( Actually, I have taken this course and it's quite amazing...I highly recommend it. Click on the links below for more helpful information about international medicine careers.

"Institute for International Medicine (INMED) online intensive course in international medicine"

"Careers in International Health"

"International Healthcare Jobs"

"Global Health: Career Options and Specializations"


- Gaby Martinez (GMT Student Advisor)