Pre-Trip Information

Deferred Payment Plan

Trip Deferred Payment Plan (DPP)

The purpose of this plan is to provide an additional option for financial assistance (FA) for students who have pursued and exhausted all other efforts to obtain sponsorships and other monetary aid to come on the trip.

Medical Spanish
To review/pratice to help prepare for the clinics.
Welcome to a GMT Trip!
GMT is about ACTION!
GMT as Ambassadors to the World
Thank you for coming on this trip...
GMT Policy on Student - Staff Relations
Important Pre-trip Information
GMT Policy for Pre-trip Arrivals and Post-trip Departures
Why does this matter?
American Dental Education Association - not for pre-dents/dental students
Donations DR
Donations DR.pdf (47.62 kB)
Donations Nicaragua
Donations Panama
Customs donated medications DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
Customs donated medications NICARAGUA
Customs donated medications PANAMA
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